Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Visit To Rochester

After enjoying Christmas with Libby and Jonathan we had to shuttle them out to Rochester to spend time with his folks. It was nice to meet Libby's future in-laws, Larry and Linda, along with Jonathan's brother Andrew. They are very nice people and it is obvious where Jonathan gets many of the qualities that we admire.

Unfortunately, most of the time we were in Rochester the weather was often greay and overcast, with scattered periods of rain or snow showers. I did get a little time to explore the area for photographic opportunities.

The reward for driving out in a snow storm, was seeing the wind driven ice clinging to everything lining the shore at Braddock's Bay. I am still arguing whether I like this photo better in color or black & white.

We visited the George Eastman house with the Hoveys. It was nicely decorated for the holidays with period decorations.

It was amazing to learn more about one of people most responsible for opening up my hobby to the average person. He was amazingly rich. After finishing construction of his home, he decided that the conservatory was too small. So he had his house cut in two, and added 9 feet 4 inches to the middle of the house. This "renovation" cost twice the original cost to construct the house. What's ironic, I used to dissuade clients from some scope changes by explaining "You could move this building an inch to the right, but you probably can't afford it." I guess Eastman thought it was a good deal.

One morning I got up before the sun and drove to Montezuma Wildlife Refuge to see if there were any worthy nature photography subjects. I was debating the wisdom of my journey as I brushed some snow off my car and drove off in the rain. The rain stopped, but the skies didn't clear.

Most of the birds had long ago migrated thru, but there were still large flocks of Canada Geese and Mute Swans. Driving along wildlife Drive, I did see a Northern Harrier cruising the fields looking for food.

A mature Bald Eagle

A Northern Harrier hovering

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  1. The eagle and especially the harrier shots were worth the trip