Friday, January 27, 2012

In Cambridge you expect to find night owls in Harvard Square, but the city is home to several other owl species. There is an Eastern Screech Owl that lives above a foot path traveled by hundreds of joggers and dog walkers with their dogs each day on the shore of Fresh Pond.
Since I was so close, I visited Mount Auburn Cemetery to see if I could get some more good photos of the Great Horned Owl. Unfortunately today it was hid deep in the branches.
So I started to investigate the wildlife in the rest of the cemetery. A Red Tail Hawk flew right in front of the car and perched in a nearby tree.
Down by the bird feeder I was able to get a few photos of typcial feeder birds & a Brown Creeper.

Downy Woodpecker near the suet feeder

Female Cardinal

Another female Cardinal, this one much redder that normal

Brown Creeper

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