Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Man Plans, God Laughs

Today was going to be one big nature photography festival. I was up before the sun and off to Newburyport. First I made a quick pass by the Screech Owl to see if I could catch it with its eyes open in the low morning light...but it wasn't home.

Undeterred, I checked several of the favorite eagle spots along the Merrimack. The first couple were barren, but at the Chain Bridge I could see a couple of eagles perched in the trees in the distance. I packed up my gear and walked out to the point of Deer Island and waited...and waited...and waited. After a while they flew, to different perches in the same trees. So I waited..and waited...finally they flew...east towards Salisbury, out of sight. During all that waiting, I entertained myself by photographing a few of the passing animals.

Cormorant Flying

Common Merganser eating Breakfast

Seal cruising up the Merrimack

Song Sparrow on Phragmites

By now it was too late to implement my backup plan for the morning of visiting the refuge at Parker River. So I dd a drive by of Salisbury State Park. Amazing how a spot that two years ago, was hopping all winter, this year is so quiet. I continued on up the coast arriving at Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, New Hampshire.

I must be the only photographer that hadn't made the pilgrimage up here to photograph the extraordinary Cape May Warbler that chose to winter here, rather than continuing south to the West Indies. Lucky for it an ample supply of brine flies found in the rotting seaweed of the wrack line combined with our mild winter have allowed it to successful winter over. It now has a big headstart for the migration to the canadian boreal forest.

My day's luck continued. It wasn't in its usual spot by the lobster pots and seaweed. So I waited...and waited. After more than an hour I was starting to get cold, so I went for a small walk thru the nearby woods to get the blood circulating and the body temperature up. As I returned I had resigned myself to a short wait and then I would leave; but thankfully the warbler had returned.

After more than an hour of photographing the warbler, my hunger over came my desire for one more photo. After soup for my stomach and gas for the car, I headed south to my final destination Nelson's Island hoping to improve upon my photographs of Short-eared Owls. Unfortunately, the "shorty" did a flight pass, but was still too far away for good photos.

With the sun having set, it was time to head home. It wasn't the day I had planned, but it was enjoyable never the less.

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  1. Larry, You're really burning up the highways these days. Must be time for an oil change.
    I like the brine flys.