Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shocking Photos

The forecast for Wednesday was sunny with intervals of clouds. That sounded like a good day for photography. So I met up with Roy at Plum Island before the sun rose hoping to get the perfect photo of a short-eared owl. Unfortunately, it rose to reveal a gray overcast day, which turned into fog.

While moving camera gear between cars, my ICD went off. Not the first time. It didn't go off again, so we proceeded with our plans. Alas, the short-ear didn't show. We wandered around and saw several interesting birds including two Glossy Ibises; but generally everything was was outside a reasonable camera range.

After Roy & I split up, I cruised Plum Island a little more and took these photos of a snowy owl in flight. (With the recent warm weather I wonder when they will depart. Though with while I was waiting for him to fly, the windy cold mist off of the ocean was probably more suited to him than me.)

I also liked this mockingbird in the bush. He even ate a few berries, but unfortunately his head was on the wrong side of the branch.

When I got home, I dutifully called in to report my ICD firing. They saw some things they wanted to check out, so it was in to Mass General where they decided to that I needed to stay the night and take a stress test the next day. I passed and they discharged me. As I told the doctor while showing her the snowy on my phone, "If the photos are always going to be this good, the ICD can go off more often." It does however, make me appreciate each day a bit more and encourages me to look at all the beauty that surrounds us.

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  1. A suspense filled blog. In suspense until I got to the last paragraph. Your story "encourages me to look at all the beauty that surrounds us" every day.